God's Who-ha? - Episode #18, Jun 30, 2010

God's Who-ha?

Technical difficulties led to a rough intro and some bad cuts on this episode, but we hope you find the discussion worthwhile:

  • Oregon reclassifies marijuana as Schedule 2 substance
  • Marijuana recommendation is substandard care in Montana
  • Prescription or OTC model for medical marijuana
  • Missouri police chief shows Flex Your Rights video
  • Will cannabis measures pass in Detroit?
  • California to hear SB 1449 to make possession of small amounts a civil infraction
  • Have you tried God's Pussy? and other Medical Cannabis Cup discussion
  • The environmental impacts of growing pot
  • Which state will legalize pot first?
  • The scene in Los Angeles
  • Radley Balko and Cheye Calvo on John Stossel