Proposition 19, the best we've seen (yet) - Episode #19, Jul 5, 2010

Proposition 19, the best we've seen (yet)

This week on the Cannabis Agenda:

  • Welcome new listeners!
  • California Update: LA County dispensary ban, Santa Cruz Grand Jury report, Gov. Candidate Jerry Brown's stance on legalization, new name for California's initative
  • Montana Mayhem: Ban on traveling doctors, Police caught in the middle of medical marijuana deliveries, Discord in the MMJ community
  • From Michigan: Ban on Battle Creek dispensaries, ACLU sues Wal Mart over MMJ firing
  • From Colorado: Cannabis church opening in Colorado Springs
  • Compounds in marijuana may protect brain for alcohol-induced damage
  • Trade cannabis on the stock market
  • Five pounds of donated weed smoked at the G-20 protest (G-420)