Get Involved in the Cannabis Agenda

The Cannabis Agenda is an interactive show and relies on feedback and other forms of input from our listeners. Here are some ways you can get involved!

  • Call or email us with a question or comment
    If you have a question about cannabis, marijuana policy, medical marijuana, or just have something to say, give us a call at 707-654-CANN. If you leave a message we'll possibly play it on the air! If you don't feel like hearing the sound of your own voice (it's funny sometimes), we'll also happily take an email from you!
  • Support us Financially
    If you enjoy the work we do here, please consider supporting the Cannabis Agenda by subscribing at $4.20/month, or making a one-time contribution. We’re trying to soup up our studio a bit and could use some new equipment and pay our server bills. We’ll even mention you on the air if you like!
  • Tell a friend/Like us on Facebook
    Fresh meat! All kidding aside, when you tell other people about the show, you're helping to grow and better the show. Because we're trying to rely on interactivity, more people is a good thing! You can like our Facebook page, as well as each individual episode.
  • Leave a review or rating on the iTunes Music Store
    The more positive reviews that we get, the more likely the show is to show higher in the listings. If you can use the word 'Marijuana' or 'Cannabis' in your review it might help, too :)
  • Follow us on Twitter
    We don't know if this actually does anything to help the show or not. Is Twitter just a big circle jerk? Who knows? If you have a Twitter account, following us won't hurt though!