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Proposition 19, the best we've seen (yet) - Episode #19, Jul 5, 2010

Proposition 19, the best we've seen (yet)

This week on the Cannabis Agenda:

  • Welcome new listeners!
  • California Update: LA County dispensary ban, Santa Cruz Grand Jury report, Gov. Candidate Jerry Brown's stance on legalization, new name for California's initative
  • Montana Mayhem: Ban on traveling doctors, Police caught in the middle of medical marijuana deliveries, Discord in the MMJ community
  • From Michigan: Ban on Battle Creek dispensaries, ACLU sues Wal Mart over MMJ firing
  • From Colorado: Cannabis church opening in Colorado Springs
  • Compounds in marijuana may protect brain for alcohol-induced damage
  • Trade cannabis on the stock market
  • Five pounds of donated weed smoked at the G-20 protest (G-420)

God's Who-ha? - Episode #18, Jun 30, 2010

God's Who-ha?

Technical difficulties led to a rough intro and some bad cuts on this episode, but we hope you find the discussion worthwhile:

  • Oregon reclassifies marijuana as Schedule 2 substance
  • Marijuana recommendation is substandard care in Montana
  • Prescription or OTC model for medical marijuana
  • Missouri police chief shows Flex Your Rights video
  • Will cannabis measures pass in Detroit?
  • California to hear SB 1449 to make possession of small amounts a civil infraction
  • Have you tried God's Pussy? and other Medical Cannabis Cup discussion
  • The environmental impacts of growing pot
  • Which state will legalize pot first?
  • The scene in Los Angeles
  • Radley Balko and Cheye Calvo on John Stossel

Rocking a new show with new gear - Episode #17, Jun 17, 2010

Rocking a new show with new gear
We've upgraded our gear adding a few mics and a proper sound board for your listening pleasure. On this episode we discuss the pending Illinois medical marijuana legislation with Dan Linn, Executive Director of the Illinois Cannabis Patients' Association, Sensible Washington's decriminalization initiative, another botched police raid ends widowing an expecting mother, Detroit and Michigan, a Marc Emery update, and a brief discussion of cannabis toxicity.

Hello Cannabis World, Is Anybody Out There? - Episode #16, Jun 7, 2010

Hello Cannabis World, Is Anybody Out There?

According to iTunes we have actual listeners. Let us know if you're out there and win a Reefer Madness DVD!