Pot’s in Pain, and the South is Rising! - Episode #24, Aug 9, 2010

Pot’s in Pain, and the South is Rising!

This week on the Agenda:

  • Pot’s in pain and won’t be with us today :(
  • An update from Jay Selthofner's campaign. We're trying to recruit donors for Jay's campaign. If you're one of the first 10 people to use this link to donate at least $4.20, we'll send you a copy of Reefer Madness on DVD! http://jayselthofner.com/ca
  • Questions and comments from listeners Clay and Stanley! http://UnionLocal13.org and Drug Testing info from Erowid.org

Colorado News

  • We promised Colorado news this week, but since Pot is not feeling well we're unfortunately pushing it back another week. Please check back next week for a good rundown.

California Update

National News

News from.......Georgia, and North Carolina, what?


Washington State

JustSayNow.com, a project of SSDP and FireDogLake

Clip for end of show: Mike Huckabee/Tommy Chong interview