The Spirit of Jack Herer - Episode #25, Aug 18, 2010

The Spirit of Jack Herer

This week on the Agenda:

We're trying to recruit donors for Jay's campaign. If you're one of the first 10 people to use this link to donate at least $4.20, we'll send you a copy of Reefer Madness on DVD!

We have questions and comments from listeners Sean from Indiana and Anonymous from Ohio, with special apologies to Staley (not Stanley). Here is the link to the Veterans’ Administration information page on medical marijuana.

Upcoming Events: Seattle Hempfest this weekend, National NORML conference in Portland September 9-11, 21st Annual Boston Freedom Ralley on September 18.

Dates announced for the 707 Cannabis College in Garberville, CA.


Grow Tips from Pot Green

Family of Grandmother Slain in Botched Police Raid Receives $4.9 Million

Banks Deny Accounts to Marijuana Dispensary Owners

Feds Say Leonhart is ‘Right Choice’ for DEA, Despite Widespread Calls for Her Withdrawal

Clip for end of show: The Marijuana Policy Tipping Point: A conversation with author Christopher Fichtner, MD

Apologies for our sound quality this week. We hope to be back to our better setup next week!